How to Make Garden Furniture from Pallets
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

How to Make Garden Furniture from Pallets

If you have a fantasy and you like to create with your hands, then before spending money on buying furniture for the garden, try to make pallet furniture. To do this, you will need pallets and mounting materials. You will create a unique product that will emphasize the originality of your garden.

Preparation of pallets
Image by ML Santander from Pixabay

Preparation of pallets

Clean the pallets from dirt so that furniture can be made from them.

The most effective way is to use a grinding machine. When using this tool, be sure to protect yourself – carry out work in open areas and wear a mask and glasses.

Since you are going to make furniture for the garden, it will stand in the open air and be exposed to various external factors. To protect furniture from moisture, weather conditions, you need to cover with a layer of primer.

Coffee table or table on wheels

First, disassemble the pallet, remove all nails with a nail cutter or hammer.

Coffee table or table on wheels
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Fold the boards tightly to make a future tabletop. Glue the boards together. For reliability, two boards need to be nailed on the back side.

When the glue dries, you need to strengthen the countertop with a few more boards. Then cover it with a primer, and then with a layer of varnish after drying. For the mobility you can attach wheels.

Pallet chair

For the standard version, two pallets are enough, which are divided into two parts in the process.

Further actions are carried out in order:

  1. The cut parts are applied in the form of a seat and a backrest, as well as two armrests.
  2. The entire wooden surface is sanded.
  3. The seat and back are attached, if desired, you can cut off a little when connecting and get a slight slope.
  4. The sidewalls are bolted, since nails are less reliable in this regard.

You can also assemble other garden furniture. The most important thing is to show your imagination and skill.