How To Make A Garden Arch
Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

How To Make A Garden Arch

Every owner of a garden always has many ideas on how to improve the space. Make it not only functional, but also aesthetically beautiful. For example, you can arrange a pond or a landscape slide. And you can install it in the garden archway.

Functions of arches

Such a decorative element carries many advantages when used on a garden plot and performs the following functions:

  • Element of architectural decor;
  • Support for flowers and other plants;
  • Part of the bearing element (wicket, gates);
  • Support for benches or swings.

Types of arches

Not so long ago, metal and wood were mainly used as the material for arches. However, over time, a wide variety of materials appeared on the market, allowing you to create real masterpieces in the garden.

Metal compositions

Metal compositions
Image by Little MiMi from Pixabay

The simplest version of the metal garden arch is metallic arc connected to each other and mounted into the ground. However, this version of the product will not withstand heavy plants. It is rarely possible to connect the elements beautifully without a welding machine.

Forged products can be safely called the king of metal arches. Such constructions are not cheap. You won’t build it on your own without skills and special equipment.

Wooden gates

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

Wood is rightfully considered one of the available materials for creating arches. Wooden garden arch fits into any garden designs and adds comfort. If there are difficulties with creating a semicircular top of arch out of wood, a square top will replace it. Before construction, the wood is treated from insects. During operation, it is also necessary to periodically paint the support and take care of the material to prevent rotting.

Stone structures

When planning the garden design and choosing decorations, the functional load of the elements should be taken into account.  For example, the stone garden archway is practically not suitable for climbing plants It is chosen as an independent garden decoration. To create such arches, use wild stone, brick or use concrete pouring.

Plastic arches

If plastic pipes remain after the repair, they can be used as a material for the arch. Create space delineation with pvc pipe elements. They are well suited for climbing plants.

To really surprise the environment with an unusual arch, you need to show a little imagination and be patient. Create an arch out of branches of trees. Some creators make structures from improvised materials.