How to Flatten a Garden
Image by Adrian Pelletier from Pixabay

How to Flatten a Garden

The level lawn of a suburban area can be quite complex. Many owners have to think about how to level the site in the country. It is necessary to study technologies and choose the most suitable ideas for yourself. There are different ways to solve the problem that can be applied under given conditions.

Manual way

The choice of technique depends on the size and slope condition of the surface area. Usually, for small slopped areas (4-6 acres), manual leveling is chosen, and for larger plots (6-12 acres or more), equipment is used.

Manual way
Photo by Byeong woo Kang on Unsplash

For manual surface treatment, simple tools available to any user are used:

  • rake;
  • shovels of different types;
  • wheelbarrow;
  • wooden planks for assembling a simple harrow;
  • building level, tools for measuring length, cord.

To remove small irregularities, a simple device such as a harrow is used. Assemble a structure resembling a ladder (you can use a ready-made device). Pegs are attached to it in several rows, put on the ground and moved along the surface. In a few passes, the irregularities disappear, and all that remains is to compact the soil. To do this, use various devices (skating rinks).

Another way – on the pegs driven into the ground, pull the cord so that it is located strictly horizontally (check the building level). Using it as a guide, fill the pits and potholes with soil, smooth the surface with a rake. Small hilly areas are removed with a shovel, excess soil is dumped into pits. The treated surface is loose, so it must be compacted with a roller.

Mechanical way

Mechanical way
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Mechanical leveling of the land requires the use of various machines and good budget- tractors, cultivators and other means. The work is done much faster, but the rental of equipment is quite expensive. Various surface treatments are used. The choice, as a rule, is determined by the condition of the site, the size of the irregularities and other factors. In addition, the purpose of leveling is taken into account – the improvement of the site, or the preparation of the surface for planting.

Manual way usually eliminates only minor surface flaws – potholes, pits, small folds. This is a rather laborious task, requiring time and physical effort. To process large areas with large elevation differences, various technical devices in the UK are used.