How to Build a Garden Pond Cheap
Image by MabelAmber from Pixabay

How to Build a Garden Pond Cheap

A pond is a wonderful decoration for a garden. It can be equipped even on a small plot without the help of professionals. If desired, you can put fish into it or grow plants. There are few ideas how to create a reservoir in the shortest possible time.

Even such small ponds have purely aesthetic and recreational functions, for their creation it is necessary to build an entire ecological system in order to avoid problems with operation in the future. When choosing a location, pay attention to some points:

  • illumination: Plants living in and around water need sufficient sunlight and heat.
  • terrain features: UK gardeners explain that it is better to carry out construction in the lowest and wettest areas of the back yard.
  • as for the size, it depends both on the goals of the future reservoir, and on the materials from which it will be made, as well as the possibilities of the garden area.
Everyone can build a small pond
Photo by David M. Chambers on Unsplash

Everyone can build a small pond. At the same time, you will not need any large expenses, it is quite possible to do it with improvised materials, the amount of necessary building materials and tools depends on the capacity t of the chosen reservoir.

If this is an ordinary bathtub, you will need a shovel and some materials to mask the protruding elements: tiles, pebbles, large and small stones. If you are planning to create a larger and raised pond, you will need a film and building materials such as concrete, clay, plastic, reinforcement and steel mesh, as well as sand, which is poured over the inner surfaces of the pit. Do not forget about the various natural materials and plants that will become the decoration of your garden pond.

The first step is to dig a hole for the future pond and make waterproofing with the help of films, clay or a finished container. Next, the first layer of concrete is applied and reinforcement is made — reinforcement of the structure due to the reinforcing mesh, which is pressed into the first layer. When the first layer dries, a second layer is applied, at least 5 cm thick. If necessary, the bottom is leveled with cement mortar, the protruding parts are smoothed. After drying, a concrete pond is often decorated with tiles or decorative stones.

decorative pond
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

By showing a little imagination and diligence, as well as making small expenses, you will be able to admire the beauty of the decorative pond not only during the day, but also at night by organizing an illumination system.